A Glamorous ‘Taste’ of the 50s

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I love food and I love decor, so when I find a restaurant that marries both experiences, I don’t know what to do with myself. Throw in a great wine list and watch out, we have a religious experience on our hands.

Recently, I encountered two restaurants that left me feeling like a kid on Christmas, one being Leo’s Oyster Bar in San Francisco.

I went to Leo’s for a team outing shortly after it opened and immediately fell head over heels. For those of you familiar with the San Francisco food scene, Leo’s is the product of the husband and wife team behind Marlowe and Park Tavern, so I had high expectations.

As soon as I walked in the vintage doors, I was greeted with vivid pops of color— a rarity in a city that prides itself on its affinity for neutrals. The vibe is very ’50s-esque and I could easily imagine Don Draper sitting at the bar.

Once I stopped drooling on myself and taking 983734747832 photos, it was time to see if the food lived up to the aesthetics. Boy, was I not disappointed. The seafood stole the show, as you’d imagine a place with oyster in its name would and the wine list really hit the spot after a long day at work.

Leo’s seafood tower of deliciousness. Not pictured: the Lobster roll…Oh.My.Goodness.

As someone with a passion for details, the vintage china we were served with immersed me even further in my small ‘taste’ of the 50s. Add the funky menus with a splash of old Hollywood glamour and Leo’s just kept nailing the dining experience.

I went back a few weeks ago for dinner with a friend and Leo’s at night provides a whole new experience. I recommend going for HH, so you can absorb the sunlight accentuating the bright hues of the decor and luscious seafood. That’s just me— honestly, Leo’s is a win/win, so just go!

P.S. If you take a trip to Leo’s, be sure to catch a glimpse of the backroom. You’ll travel further back in time to the Prohibition Era.

(Photos via: West Coast Aesthetic and TableHopper)